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Pain Control in the Permanent Makeup

Comparing Pain Control Products in the Permanent Makeup Industry: Ultra Duration vs. Tag 45 For individuals considering permanent makeup, the concern over pain often looms large. Numbing products play a crucial role in alleviating this fear, ensuring a comfortable experience for clients throughout their treatments. In the realm of permanent makeup, where precision is paramount, […]

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Needle Configurations

TYPES OF NEEDLES ACCORDING TO THEIR ARRANGEMENT First, you should know that there are mainly 5 types of PMU / tattoo needles depending on their arrangement: Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, Curved Magnum, and Flat. Each of them is characterised by the way in which the needles are distributed, and they all have a specific

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FIND THE PERFECT PIGMENT WITH OUR BIOTEK COLOUR CHART! 63 shades designed to guarantee you stable colours and with the best texture ever! Lip and eyebrow colours, eye line and skin… we really have something for all types! The Biotek laboratories have revolutionised the micropigmentation colour sector, anticipating the future and producing a new line


What Different Wavelengths of Pico Laser are Good For?

What Different Wavelengths of Pico Laser are Good For? Table of Contents 532 nm wavelength 755 nm wavelength 1064 nm wavelength Conclusion Pico laser technology has revolutionised the world of laser treatments. Pico lasers produce ultra-short pulse durations, making them more effective and efficient than traditional lasers. They are used to treat various skin conditions

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Mast – The Future of PMU

The Mast Amy Wireless Slim PMU / Tattoo Pen with a 4mm Stroke features the Custom Mast Coreless motor, a unique motor assembly that enhances the machine’s longevity significantly. Crafted from high-grade aluminum rods and meticulously polished, the Mast Amy Device is both durable and lightweight, thanks to its powerful coreless motor. Operating at an

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