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First, you should know that there are mainly 5 types of PMU / tattoo needles depending on their arrangement:

Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, Curved Magnum, and Flat. Each of them is characterised by the way in which the needles are distributed, and they all have a specific function. We explain what these are:

Round Liner (RL)

The Round Liner is a must-have, it is the basic needle for lining. As the name suggests, the distribution of the microtips creates a rounded shape, allowing you to create solid, neat lines.

Groupings are usually formed from 1 to 20 needles, but this amount may vary depending on the artist.

Round Shader (RS)

With the Round Shader we enter into the world of shading. Its distribution is the same as the Round Liner, but its microtips are further apart. They are ideal for shading small, detailed areas.

Round Shader groupings range from approximately 3 to 30 needles.

Magnum (M)

Magnum, also known as Magnum Classic, is a larger set of needle needles which is made up of two intersecting rows. They are great for packing and shading larger areas because, as they affect a larger area of the skin, the pressure is distributed and allows us to tattoo bigger areas without causing the dermis to suffer so much.

It allows groupings of between 5 and 49 needles approximately, although the Magnum can be used with larger quantities of microtips if the tattoo requires it.

It is also important that you use the Magnum (both the classic and the other types) at an angle, as if you place it perpendicular to the skin you will cause deeper wounds.

Round Magnum (RM) or Curved Magnum (CM)

Also known as Soft Edgethe Round Magnum is like the Magnum Classic. It has the same distribution of needles in two rows and the same spacing between them, the only distinctive feature that makes the Curved Magnum special is the arched design of its groupings. Its shape is like a U shape brush and allows you to shade and pack colour without excessively sharp edges, offering a very smooth finish which is ideal for styles such as realism.

The RM's groupings range from 5 to 49 needles, just like the other Magnums.

Flat (F)

Finally, there is the Flat, which distributes the needles close together in a single line. It is used for dense shading and to create geometric shapes, as its edges will be well delimited when tattooing.

The Flat allows for groupings of approximately 4 to 11 needles. Again, it should be clear that these quantities may vary depending on the artist and their needs.

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