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The Mast Amy Wireless Slim PMU / Tattoo Pen with a 4mm Stroke features the Custom Mast Coreless motor, a unique motor assembly that enhances the machine's longevity significantly.

Crafted from high-grade aluminum rods and meticulously polished, the Mast Amy Device is both durable and lightweight, thanks to its powerful coreless motor. Operating at an optimal voltage range of 6-8V, it caters to various work disciplines. Noteworthy is the LED light indicator that activates upon machine startup, a distinctive feature setting Mast apart in the PMU industry.

Despite its compact size, the Mast Amy boasts exceptional battery life, reliability, and precision, ensuring a dependable tool for your practice. With 2 working modes and a robust 750mAh battery lasting 2-3 hours, this device offers flexibility and endurance. Additionally, the RCA connector enables continued operation with a power supply unit once the battery depletes.

Featuring a slim shell design and a substantial 4mm stroke, the Mast Amy breaks barriers in performance and usability. To operate, a single button controls all functional adjustments: a long press initiates the normal startup mode, while a double click activates the power start mode, instantly reaching 10V voltage.

Here are the specifications of the Mast Tour Amy Wireless Slim PMU/Tattoo Pen:

Color: Black

Weight: 115g

Battery Capacity: 750mAh

Diameter: 23mm

Length: 138mm

Stroke: 4.0mm

Working Voltage: 4-12V

Speed: 9V/10400 RPM

Motor: Mast Special Edition Coreless Motor

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Why we Recommend Mast Tour


Provides excellent control due to its size and grip

Quiet Operation

Less anxiety for clients since the pen is extremely quiet while operating

Pain Reduction

Known to reduce pain due to innovative design

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