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Comparing Pain Control Products in the Permanent Makeup Industry: Ultra Duration vs. Tag 45

For individuals considering permanent makeup, the concern over pain often looms large. Numbing products play a crucial role in alleviating this fear, ensuring a comfortable experience for clients throughout their treatments.

In the realm of permanent makeup, where precision is paramount, choosing the right numbing product is essential for both the artist and the client. Today, we'll delve into two leading pain control options in the industry: Ultra Duration and Tag 45.

Introducing Ultra Duration: Swift Relief at Your Fingertips

Ultra Duration stands as a potent solution for minimizing pain and discomfort during permanent makeup procedures. With its fast-acting formula, this product swiftly delivers relief, earning it the trust of PMU artists worldwide. Specifically formulated for use on broken skin, Ultra Duration Secondary Numbing Liquid offers unparalleled efficacy.

This product goes beyond mere pain reduction, actively working to diminish swelling and irritation, thereby aiding in the healing process. Whether utilized during eyebrow microblading, lip blush, or areola tattooing, Ultra Duration ensures comprehensive care for clients, enhancing their overall experience.

Benefits of Ultra Duration:

Ultra Duration numbing liquid gel

1. Rapid action: Pain relief is almost immediate upon application to broken skin.
2. High potency: The product's strength guarantees effective numbing, rendering needles virtually painless.
3. Extended comfort: Its long-lasting effects ensure sustained relief for clients throughout their sessions.
4. Personalized usage: Ultra Duration can be reapplied 2-3 times during a procedure to maintain numbness.

How to Use Ultra Duration:

1. Clean the treatment area and apply a small amount of Ultra Duration.
2. Wait 2-3 minutes for the numbing effect to take hold.
3. Remove any excess product before resuming the procedure.

It's important to note potential skin reactions such as irritation and sensitivity, although Ultra Duration's liquid form distinguishes it from other numbing topicals.

Who Should Avoid Ultra Duration:

Individuals with a history of liver issues or allergies to its active ingredients should refrain from using Ultra Duration. Pregnant or breastfeeding clients, as well as those with blistered or raw skin, should also avoid its use.

Meet Tag 45: A Gateway to Pain-Free Precision

tag 45 numbing gel

Tag 45, a longstanding favorite among tattooing artists, offers a gel-like consistency ideal for painless microblading sessions. Specifically designed for tattooing studios, this product provides fast relief while minimizing pain and swelling, ensuring a seamless PMU experience.

Tag 45 contains epinephrine, a vasoconstrictor that reduces blood flow to the treated area, resulting in minimal bleeding and a clear canvas for precise work.

Benefits of Tag 45:

1. Visible effect: The product leaves a visible cast, indicating its efficacy during use.
2. Targeted application: Designed for application on broken skin, Tag 45 offers swift relief precisely where needed.
3. Personalized usage: Tag 45 can be reapplied as necessary to accommodate varying pain tolerances.
4. Soothing effects: Active ingredients work to minimize pain, redness, discomfort, and swelling.

How to Use Tag 45:

1. Apply a small amount of Tag 45 to broken skin.
2. Wait for the anesthetic to take effect, typically within two minutes.
3. Remove excess gel before continuing with the procedure.

Skin irritation may occur, particularly due to the inherent trauma of the microblading process.

Who Should Avoid Tag 45:

Individuals with liver issues or allergies to its active ingredients should avoid using Tag 45. Pregnant or breastfeeding clients are also advised against its use.

Choosing the Right Product

The decision between Ultra Duration and Tag 45 ultimately depends on individual preferences and requirements. While Ultra Duration boasts a liquid formulation ideal for eyebrow microblading and PMU, Tag 45 offers a gel-like consistency suitable for various permanent makeup techniques.

Both products provide exceptional pain relief and are integral components of the PainStoppers range, developed by Dr. Linda Dixon, MD, a renowned anesthesiology specialist dedicated to advancing permanent makeup techniques.

At Elite Esthetics, you can trust in the authenticity and quality of these products, ensuring a seamless experience for both artists and clients alike. Whether you opt for Ultra Duration or Tag 45, rest assured you're choosing a reliable solution for pain control in the permanent makeup industry.

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